The real superhero’s…

Until I became a mom, I did not appreciate my mom enough. I took for granted the years of packed lunches waiting on the kitchen counter every morning; the clean laundry that automatically appeared in my dressers each week; the never empty bottle of shampoo in the shower; the warm dinners served before a million evening activities; the papers that were always filled out when the school needed them; the doctor’s appointments that were somehow made without me worrying about it; and so many more things that I never gave a thought!

And then I became a mom… and realized that it was now my job to juggle three kids, 1 husband (who is usually just a fourth kid), laundry, meals, housework, shopping, activities, bills, paperwork, appointments, birthdays, holidays, and everything else that falls on us mom’s. And I admit, I wasn’t always the best juggler… I was always dropping one ball or another. My mom always made it look so easy. How did she do it?

My mom was truly Wonder Woman. I just never noticed her cape until I was older. She was, and still is, such a strong woman who always seemed to be able to do anything and everything. I have memories of her planting and picking fresh veggies from her own garden. I couldn’t even always manage to buy and microwave a bag of frozen greens for my kids.

I can still see her standing at the ironing board after school, ironing our clothes as the aroma of fresh cookies filled the house. What? I threw our clothes into the dryer until the wrinkles were a little less and the smell of pre packaged Oreos did not fill the air.

As a kid, I would climb into sheets that smelled like fresh air from being hung outside on the wash line. Meanwhile there were times I told my kids to just sleep on top of their comforters because I didn’t feel like putting their sheets back on the bed after running them around all day and night.

I would always have a balanced lunch packed and ready as I rushed out the door to the bus. If I threw a Fruit Rollup, a cheese stick and a bag of chips in my kids lunchboxes, I figured that was hitting at least some of the food pyramid. Good enough!

She could even serve a meal that was on the table all at once and still warm! Now that is mind blowing because I am always still microwaving something as we pray for our meal.

My mom was a caregiver. She took care of all of us. Even when she had breast cancer, when I was 14, she would get up after her treatments to ask how our days were. Exhausted from chemo, she wanted to know how school went that day. She was selfless. She loved with endless love. She was brave. She was the epitome of strength. She was/is my hero!

Today it’s Mother’s Day and we take time to honor our mom’s! I am thankful to not only have my mom, but to have a mom-in-law (Donna) who has always treated me like her own daughter. She accepted me into her family immediately and loved me unconditionally since day #1. She also taught me how to be a mother-in-law. It’s not always easy to merge families but I am grateful that she made me feel so welcome in my new family 29 years ago. But even more, she was my example on how to love my kids-in-law as my own! (And I do love you unconditionally Katie, Mandi and Jaiden!)

Today finds Donna in a hospital room in the Intensive Care Unit with a machine breathing for her. She has been there for 12 days unable to breathe like you and I are so naturally doing. Starting with pneumonia, damage was done to her lungs and she needs an intubation tube and sedation so she can rest her weak and tired lungs while she sleeps. Before she was intubated, she wrote my father-in-law (Norm) a detailed list of tasks to do since she usually takes care of the many details in their lives. Cancel dental appointments, do the laundry, run the dishwasher, don’t forget anyone’s birthdays. We, as women, even sick, think about all of those little things which keep our families on track. If my mom is Wonder Woman, my mother-in-law is Super Woman! These two ladies both have capes and super powers. And like Clark Kent, they are often unrecognized for their strength, courage and devotion.

I was able to visit my mom yesterday for Mother’s Day. My mom has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. She is doing great compared to how she was before her diagnosis. But watching these mom’s get older and experience some physical trials, it makes me see what is important and what is not. Gifts, cards, and flowers are a great way to show appreciation but time together is what is valuable. Just time to talk and laugh and share and encourage. That is a gift. Irreplaceable. Priceless.

Today I just want to thank these two super hero mom’s who taught me how to be a mother! You both encouraged me, loved me, listened to me and supported me. You’ve prayed for me, cried for me and guided me. You love my children as deeply as I do. And you both would do anything, and I mean anything, for my family. On my many hospital stays, I was comforted knowing one of you was at home caring for my children in my absence.

I cannot begin to thank you… there simply are not words to express my gratitude to you two amazing women who I have the HONOR to call Mom! I think the best tribute to my mom’s was to raise my kids to embrace all of those super hero characteristics that you both encompass. Here are a few traits that I got from my mom and mom-in-law that I tried to instill in my own children.

    Love of God
    Love of Family

So while a simple thank you cannot express the gratitude and love I feel, it’s all I can think to say. Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the superheroes who silently serve without always getting the recognition or appreciation you deserve! Know that this 24/7 job is the both the best and hardest job you will ever have and the rewards far outweigh the challenges.

Donna… please get well soon! We all need you and want you around for many more years! You are one of the strongest and quietly serving women I know. You love others deeply without looking for attention or acknowledgement. For now rest peacefully and let God heal your body.

Mom… thanks for always taking care of all of us so well! Even when you are weary, you selflessly give of yourself. You always have a listening ear and a kind word whenever I need it. I wish we lived closer but each moment I get with you, I treasure!

Surprising my mom for Mother’s Day with all of her kids.

My mother-in-law with some of her girls.

And to my favorites who made me both a mom & mother-in-law.

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