My littlest love…

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart.” – Winnie the Pooh

A pudgy dimpled hand curled around my pinky; big blue eyes staring so bright and alert; chubby, silky cheeks that beg for a kiss; a soft sigh escaping after a full belly; ten tiny toes that wiggle when tickled; a little button nose that is the same as his mommy’s newborn nose; happy coo’s responding to my voice; and the warmth of his little body snuggled up against my shoulder as he sleeps so contentedly.

Innocence. Newness. Freshness. Simplicity. This is the precious stage of a newborn baby. For me, it is my favorite stage of life. Who can deny that there is a God when you look at every intricate and perfect detail of a newborn baby who grew in his mommy’s womb for nine months? It is an incredible miracle that points to the artistry of our Creator.

So clearly a new baby has entered my life. My daughter, Morgan and her husband, Jaiden had a baby boy almost two months ago. This little man made me a first time grandmother and he captured my heart immediately, as quickly as my own precious babies stole my heart many years ago. He lights up my day and makes my heart smile. He’s a perfect gift from God alone.

Bringing home my own children was amazing yet also overwhelming. The responsibility, the exhaustion, the unknown of being a first time, second time, and third time mom brought with it a set of anxieties and fears. Did I makes mistakes? Definitely. Did I do some things right? Hopefully. Did I screw then up? Probably. But there are therapists for that, right?

Becoming a grandmother is just amazing without the overwhelming. I loved being a mom and raising my children, yet I must say being a grandmother may be even better. All of the love. None of the exhaustion. Lots of fun. Much less stress. My job is simply to spoil him, cherish him, nurture him, enjoy him, teach him, listen to him, and love him unconditionally. I look forward to watching him grow and discover his world, listening to him chatter, reading him stories, taking him for rides on my lap, baking cookies (or buying Oreos more likely), picking Halloween costumes, waiting for Santa, going to Easter Egg Hunts, and watching Fourth of July fireworks. And then I can hand him back to his parents and head back to my quiet home.

The ordinary becomes extraordinary as you see the world through the wondrous and curious eyes of a child. That is what I am the most excited about as a new grandmother… watching this little one explore his world in one adventure after another.

One thing I was not prepared for was how stinking sweet it is to see your baby have a baby. Morgan is the youngest of her siblings by several years so she will always be my “baby girl.” To see her pregnant, labor, and deliver an 8 pound, 4 ounce baby blew my mind. She was so strong, brave, and controlled. Now to see her love this little boy, speak sweetly to him, gently cuddle him, and care patiently for him is an indescribable blessing. And the same goes for Jaiden as I watch him delight in his son and enjoy every little development. Watching your children have children is a gift. A priceless treasure. A small thing that fills my heart.

As a bragging new grandmother, let me tell you about this little bundle of joy. Lee Michael is 8 weeks old, chubby, content, smiley, and sweet. His temperament already seems calm and chill without fussing too long or too often, unless he wants food. He is content to look around and loves when you talk to him. He even answers with sweet little coo’s. He smiles a lot in the morning, especially if you tell him he is cute so vanity may be an issue down the road. He’s always kicking his little legs and moving his arms which makes me think Morgan will have two energetic boys in the house. It’s fun to look at him and see physical characteristics of his mom and dad (like Morgan’s nose and Jaiden’s eyes), but I can already see little mannerisms that take me right back to Morgan’s baby days like his calm disposition and the happy spirit. And I am sure Jaiden’s parents can find resemblances to Jaiden as a baby boy too.

Picking a grandma name was the hardest task for my new life role. As a paraplegic, I don’t define myself as just handicapped yet I do know that my 28 years of sitting in my chair has changed me completely. And I am thankful for the lessons I’ve learned and the people I’ve met from my paralysis. Therefore, I can honestly say that my chair is an integral part of who I am. I always wanted to have my grandchildren call me “Wheelie G,” but I was worried people would think it was weird; that maybe it would be too hard for Lee Michael to say; or maybe I should just be traditional and go with a normal grandma name.

But I am not a normal or traditional grandmother. I will be the grandmother racing him on his bicycle, letting him stand on the back of my chair when he’s too tired to walk, and speeding down ramps at top speed. So I will be Wheelie G to Lee Michael (and any other grandchildren that may come along some day) and this new adventure will be one thrilling ride!

Now look below for photos of the cutest baby on earth… my littlest love, Lee Michael. And I am not at all blinded by love. ❤️

Little Lee Michael
He loves his Mommy!
And he loves his Daddy!
My little bud!
Adventure is out there. -UP

One thought on “My littlest love…

  1. Beautifully written. I LOVE Wheelie G. And Wheeling Grammy! He’s so cute. I’m so happy for you getting to experience this. Of course wish they were closer but what a blessing! Thanks for sharing. Love you.

    On Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 10:25 PM Just Differently Abled wrote:

    > dogwoodmom posted: ” “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space > in your heart.” – Winnie the Pooh A pudgy dimpled hand curled around my > pinky; big blue eyes staring so bright and alert; chubby, silky cheeks that > beg for a kiss; a soft sigh escaping after a full ” >


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