Not on my Christmas List…

Christmas is just around the corner and people are making their lists for Santa. I have been fairly nice this year (with maybe a little naughty thrown in), but here are some things that did not make my Christmas list.



Running Shoes

Thigh Master

Foot Bath

Electric Foot Massager

Jump Rope

Pogo Stick

Snow Shoes/Skis

Tap Shoes

Soccer Ball

Stair Climber or Elliptical

Roller blades or Ice Skates



Ballroom Dancing Lessons


Butt Lifting Jeans (didn’t even know these existed)

Heated Seat Covers

Zip Lining Experience

Hiking Boots

Walking Stick

Foot Warmers

Ninja Warrior Backyard Obstacle Course


Peddle Boat

And my personal favorite…


I have to be honest though… 95% of these items would not make my list even if I was not paralyzed (except for the butt lifting jeans… at my age, almost everything could use a good lift)!

Merry Christmas!

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